Focke-Wulf Fw-500

Fw-500s attacking a B-29 over
Germany in 1946!
Art by Daniel Sabatini 




Thinking that the claimed rotating sickles were possibly the airscrew blades of a large turbo-prop engine housed in central position under the highly armoured cockpit/canopy, with two air-intakes, this all-wing V.T.O.L. aircraft possibly could fly like a "HARRIER" and/or a helicopter in any directions or stopping in the middle of the air. Exhaust could be deflected from the central orientable nozzle under the disk to the orientable nozzles on the airscrew rotating ring getting a higher rotation speed, like a blazing circular saw. This could conceivable saw enemy bombers!


Hypothetical armament:

Six Mauser MK-213 air-to-air revolver cannons (you know, the newest in '45, 20-mm rounds with a muzzle velocity of 3,300 feet per second and at a rate of 1,200 per minute); four 8.25 inch R100BS incendiary shrapnel air-to-air rockets and OBERON automatic firing system.


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Hypothetical camouflage scheme:

A VTOL aircraft like this could have a multi-role operational service (interceptor, tank destroyer, intruder) taking off from shelters in the woods near a highway (the Berlin-Hamburg near Neu-Ruppin ?), so I think that an - 81 braunviolett / 83 hellgrün / 76 grau or 84 himmelgrün - scheme could be correct.

Daniel Sabatini, Italy