German Suicidal Aircraft  





Ba-349 Natter


The solid-nose a/c are actually Bachem BP-20 demonstrators

V-1e (Reichenberg R.I-R.IV)



It is lesser known that the Germans designed a manned version of the V-1 called the V-1e. The V-1e was not intended to be recovered. It would have been launched, then guided to its target by a pilot on a suicide mission. Similar to the Japanese kamikaze concept, the V-1e group was code-named Project Reichenberg. The V-1e was about 27 feet long and employed a cockpit and pilot instrumentation. The V-1e was test flown several times by German test pilot Hanna Reitsch.

Reitsch confirmed that the basic V-1 airframe was prone to severe vibration resulting from engine noise. She believed the deployment of the V-1e as introduced would result in significant pilot losses, even if the pilot had agreed to perform a suicide mission. The Germans could not sustain design changes late in the war, so the V-1e was never deployed in combat.




A Reichenberg is being jumped by a Gloster Meteor M.III from the RAF No. 616 (F) Squadron, 1944.
Since the Reichenberg was never actually used in combat, this is an alternate history painting.

Art by Allen B. Ury

Focke-Wulf Rammjäger

Unlike the Reichenberg suicide aircraft the Focke-Wulf Rammjäger had no pulsejet but was to be powered by a Walter rocketmotor in the tail and had no landing gear at all - no skid, in case any of the Hitler Youth suicide pilots had "second thoughts"!

Sombold So-344


Zeppelin Rammer




Art by Justo Miranda



Zeppelin Fliegende Panzerfaust





Blohm & Voss Rocket Mistel (a.k.a. MGRP)


Illustrations by Justo Miranda

Art by Richard Pawling


Blohm & Voss Bv-40 Glider-Fighter




V-1 prototype

Braunschweig Lf-1 Zaunkönig with Panzerfaust

Bucker Bu-181 with Panzerfausts

Camouflaged & Armed DFS Habicht

MP-40 SMG armament

Gotha Break-Away Rammer



DFS Rammer


Daimler Benz Projects


Project “E”

Project “F”
Suicidal parasite


Pilot eject

Designed for attacking USA with pilots ditching at sea before impact, then rescued by loitering U-boat! "

He-162S Hitler Youth Glider to be armed with Panzerfausts


He-162S Doppelsitzer

Ju EF-126


Stockel Rammschussjäger
Annular Manned Bullet

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