By Rob Arndt


These are very rare and little-known experimental “Light-Discs” that have nothing in common with the burning WNF Feuerball/Kugelblitz/Kugelwaffen Flugscheiben (Flight Discs and Spheres). They were also nicknamed “Glühscheiben” (Glow Discs) by the few German civilians that saw them in action - usually, the Luftwaffe Flak Helferinnen (Female Auxiliaries) who operated the Searchlight Batteries.

The Light-Discs were vertically launched explosive discs that were directed at night by powerful searchlights aimed at RAF bombers. Once the Light-Disc had been launched it would follow the light stream up to the RAF bombers by a photo-reactive unit at its base while another IR or plume sensor on top sought out the bombers’ engines. Means of propulsion are not known but some reports indicate visual tracking by multicolored discharges as it would be almost impossible to track the glowing weapon in the glare of a searchlight.

Common Haunebu photo not believed accurate Disc is thought tobe Lichtscheibe,
a small-scale Flak weapon


Results of late war experimentation are also not known because any bomber hit by the Light-Disc would be confused with a hit by standard Flak shells. Only the Germans would know if there was a success from ground observation and/or wreckage inspection. If an RAF bomber did make it home after being hit by the Lichtscheibe the embedded metal would just be regarded as shrapnel.


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No report from the RAF on anything like this except for brief mention of strange Flak bursts of multicolor streams (aerial markers) and RAF bomber crews dumping flares out of their aircraft to throw off experimental German SAM (Surface to Air Missile) launches in 1945 - those with experimental infrared seeker sensors.

Nevertheless, the craft were reported by German disc engineers in 1945. Other discs mentioned by these same engineers were experimental frequency beam-guided types… perhaps as alternates to the Lichtscheiben or as part of their operation. It is not known if the searchlights were modified with directional command devices to keep the Lichtscheiben on their targets as a back-up system.


Luftwaffe Flak Helferinnen female auxiliaries