The famous 'Fliegende
Schildkröte' of the 'Net


Hoax Photos


In this case a crude model


Hoax Source:

"Luftfahrt International" issue # 9
Publisher: Publizistisches Archiv Karl R. Pawlas


Conceptual art of the
Schildkröte as an
‘Area 51 Saucer’

Another version of the Schildkröte


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U.S. Government Documents Mentioning "Schildkröte"

Top: Combined Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee (CIOS) Report items 21, 22, 31, File# XXX111-38
Underground Factories in Germany , page 19.
Middle: CIOS Report 40, Sonderausschusss A-4, page 5.
Bottom: CIOS Report 59(b) Interrogation of Albert Speer Reich Minister of Armaments And War, Page 3


The conclusions from the time this was written are false


The German RLM (German Air Ministry) Numbers for each project are:


8-103 is the Fi-103 or V-1 flying bomb

8-117 is the Hs-117 Schmetterling (Butterfly) missile

8-152 is the number given as the mysterious Schildkrote suspected of being a jet fighter; but this is actually only the Fw Ta 152 allocation. The Fw Ta 152, however, was worked on underground at the Espenlaub Miese I complex for repair work.

8-162 is the He-162 Volksjäger... or Salamander (mentioned in the document)

8-246 at bottom of document refers to the Bv-246 Hagelkorn missile

Anyone who knows anything about RLM numbers will spot the misidentification whether the report is authentic or not. Late war Allied Tech Intel teams as well as US Army and USAAF Intel mixed up and messed-up many German programs in this way.

~Rob Arndt