(Project Blue Book Case 16, 1961)

By Rob Arndt


The only known reference to this very odd machine is a 1945 sketch that places this object next to a proposed Vril 11 Teufel (Devil), The name DORN means “Thorn” in German and is also short for DORNier, which had a contract with the SS E-IV unit to build production Haunebu II Do-Stra (DOrnier STRAtophärenflugzeug) disc craft in early 1945. It is not known if Dornier actually helped build the first two prototypes of the Do-Stra but the company’s logo is on SS E-IV documentation for 1945.

Before total collapse in March 1945, Vril evacuated its technology to Base 211 while the Vril Chefin (female bosses) left for Aldebaran in one of the completed 139 meter long “flying cigar’ Andromeda-Gerät Raumschiffen (Spaceships) on a channeled flight mission. The Vril 8 Odin was their last official design constructed in 1945 but during the postwar occupation period many Haunebu and Vril craft were spotted over Germany. One was the Vril 9 Abjäger which was supposed to be just a paper design but yet a photo of it exists. If more Vril craft were created then designs 10 and 11 might also have been constructed along with the DORN craft.

The DORN doesn’t seem to have either a standard Vril or Haunebu Treibwerk engine due to its small configuration but is probably either running off some form of advanced Vril levitator or a more advanced scaled-down Thule Tachyonator.

The DORN is also unmanned making it either a reconnaissance probe of some sort or a defender for the larger discs.

Based on the Vril 11 Teufel information this craft is depicted as traveling with the Vril 11 Teufel as Verteidiger (Defender). Since most Vril designs were unarmed until the end of the war (designed for channeled flight or Raumflug/Spaceflight) it is highly likely that the DORN is armed with some form of electromagnetic interference device to disable conventional aircraft.

The WNF Feuerball (Fireball) weapons carried an electrostatic field disruptor during their encounters with USAAF and RAF bomber and intruder craft from 1944-45, so it is possible that the DORN might carry a more sophisticated weapon if it was developed postwar.
This craft may have been built by colonists in Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica at Base 211 or from German bases established in South America. It is highly doubtful that either the US or USSR retrieved any of the Thule or Vril technology… yet Haunebu and Vril type UFOs have been spotted all over the world postwar. The fact that this craft was spotted in Italian skies doesn’t mean much, but it does beg the question, “were any MORE of the Vril designs constructed postwar?”

In this photo taken on April 27,1961

by  Bruno Ghibaudi, a scientific journalist,
a DORN is seen and photographed near
Pescara, Italy

This fascinating machine is also in Project Blue Book as Case 16



Artist’s conceptual illustration of the craft
which bears little resemblance to the real DORN



























Another view of the DORN near the water.
One can clearly see that it is not an organic creature but a metallic machine; a delta-shape with nose, two fins that are confused for canards and two vertical outward-canted tails, or are they? At the rear of the craft are two to three bulbous propulsion units similar to, but in reduced scale, the Haunebu field amplifiers located in those craft at the bottom
of the Haunebu disc




DORN configuration is similar to a proposed Dornier DO-557 SST of the 1960s. Postwar, Dornier had many immediate VTOL aircraft and helicopters either prototyped or on the drawing boards



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