The following material in this book has been compiled from many sources that range from reputable published references and reputable online sites to unsolicited e-mails, both foreign and domestic, as well as alleged eyewitness recounts of events that happened more than sixty years ago.

I cannot verify the accuracy of some of their testimonies nor authenticate many of the more rare German disc projects that started from the year 1922 and have continued on until present day in one form or another.

This material does not serve to convince the reader of any particular belief held by the author nor does it advocate Nazism, Fascism, Anti-Semitism, Occultism, Prussian Militarism, White Power or German superiority in any form.

What this material does is present a look at the origins of more than thirty disc programs
Germany participated in during the timeframe indicated above.

I have attempted to chronologically separate and isolate the various programs and therefore eliminate many of the common myths associated with the Third Reich’s discs. I can say with complete confidence that many of the preconceived ideas surrounding the disc programs are completely wrong and in some cases entire histories have been falsified for personal gain or to advance certain ideological claims.

This book has taken the better part of one year to complete but the reader should find the contents intriguing and discover some serious answers to questions that have been avoided for decades. The book also contains a wealth of previously unknown information.

I had intended to section off the book and color code it for easy identification of various types of discs but I think the order presented now- by category, will suffice.

The very first disc programs to be encountered here deal with the occult element that pervaded the entire Third Reich from its inception. One thing I will state with absolute certainly is that you CANNOT separate the occult from the Third Reich. The disc technology that originated in
Germany post-WW1 all started with a psychic medium named Maria Orsic of Zagreb who was a Thule Society member. She is responsible for all of the occult disc development programs starting with the JFM in 1922 until the Andromeda-Gerät of 1945.

Naturally, Hitler’s occult interest put Heinrich Himmler in charge of these programs and his SS technical branch which operated independently from the normal Third Reich industrial complex. Therefore, that explains to a large degree WHY no official records are kept of these craft from any German aircraft manufacturer during the war. The SS records were destroyed, evacuated, buried, and those captured remain classified until the year 2020.

Viktor Schauberger is responsible for the second category of SS-sponsored projects with his invention of vortex technology that led to various levitating machines, disc-fans, and fantastic ion plasma craft that showed up in the air war of 1944-45.

The next category is various experimental projects, sometimes individual efforts, patents, or company-sponsored endeavors that didn’t reach production or were outright failures.

The last categories deal with Italian co-operation discs and the discs that appeared post-war of German manufacture only.

German disc technology produced by AVRO Canada, Lockheed, and Northrop are beyond the scope of this book and would require another volume to complete.

My purpose is to lay the foundation of the main efforts which to many people might appear frightening considering that these discs weren’t just flight prototypes nor planned war weapons. These craft were ultimately designed to bring forth a new Reich in the future - our future.

So be forewarned, much of this information deals with the occult and unpleasant and unbelievable as some of it sounds there is much proof of these claims.

I have chosen to believe in this material myself but this book does not seek to promote my beliefs, only to offer the reader a look deep into the darkest levels of the Third Reich and the occult beliefs that influenced these disc designs.


~Robert Dale Arndt Jr.