January 6, 1994
Albuquerque Journal North article

Kreisel Teller- Peiltochterkompass 2

Information Label on back of unit:

Gerät Nr. 127-178 A-1
Anforderz. FI 23374
Werk Nr. 10143
Hersteller: 9 V y

The "KT-P2" was the codename for "Kreisel Teller" (Gyro Plate), and "P2" was the electronic designation for an oscillating electromagnetic dipole, tuned to 3/8 wavelength.

The device had a simple 6-volt motor, which drove a geared ring having a set of compass calibrations on it, to which an inner electromagnetic coupled disc corresponded. A selection knob in the center of the face turned a pointer to the desired flight-heading. There were fourteen contact points on the bottom, two of which supplied D.C. current to the motor. The motor would come on and rotate the outer compass ring until it showed the correct heading in respect to the flight direction indicator, according to information being fed to the device from a "Meister Kompass" (Master Compass), at which point the motor was automatically turned off.

The term "Tochter" (daughter) here means "slave" in this context, so the term "Peiltochterkompass" means "PolarSlave-Compass". This presupposed that the master compass, a gyrocompass, was celestially calibrated before takeoff, since a magnetic compass would be disabled by the rotating electromagnetic fields generated by the Triebwerk (Thrustwork) during normal operation. This was probably the earliest celestial navigational system ever developed until postwar disc IGS (Inertial Guidance System) units became available.

~Rob Arndt

German Disc Aircraft Propulsion Theory Based on the KT-P2 Celestial Navigator

1) The discs were electrically propelled.
2) The propulsion system created an electric field around the discs which necessitated the development of an inertial guidance system and compass, since a magnetic compass would be useless due to the "Faraday Cage" effect".
3) The discs used a horizontally oriented gyro master compass (Meisterkreiselkompass) calibrated prior to take-off to true north, as the frame of reference with which to navigate the disc using an electromagnetic slave compass, which was interconnected to stepping switches which also actuated the disc's bi-polar propulsion electrodes.
4) The system cancelled the normal effects of gravity, inertia, and momentum, and instantly synthesized momentum in the chosen direction without disturbing the operation of the master gyro, which continued to maintain its heading during flights, apparently because of an "internal' inertia/momentum within the disc's outer hull.
5) The instant turns showed an incompressible ether which is integrally locked with mass in the phenomena of inertia, momentum, and gravity.

~William Lyne, Occult Ether Physics: Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Conceal it.

Kompass FL.23374


Another example from a German site.
Note that Thule Sonnenrad symbol at center is censored from the German site.
This one is a variant KT-P2 made by Patin.