(1950s forward)

By Rob Arndt

Subsequent to the March/April 1945 SS Technical Branch evacuation to Base 211 located in Neu Schwabenland, Antartica rumors began to spread of Nazi bases being constructed in South America as well; especially in Argentina, high up in the Andes mountains.

As hard as it is to believe, the truth of Argentine co-operation with the Third Reich throughout World War II is extensive, involving transfers of supplies to Base 211 via Tierra del Fuego (Fire Island) and upon Germany’s collapse, both technological and monetary assets of the Reich. This included the German disc technology and elements of the SS Technical Branch not assigned to Base 211.

Argentina already had a sizeable illegal German community smuggled covertly into the nation by German ships, U-boats, long-range secret air flights, and disc flights. Although the rest of South America and especially Brazil had joined the Allies in the fight against Nazism, Argentina covertly supported the Nazis and was only coerced by Britain and the US to join the war in March 1945 by direct threat of crippling Argentine industry which was reliant on the Western Allies. During the war Argentina benefited greatly through the sale of beef and agricultural products, but not war material.
In March 1945, the US already had the intention of raping Germany of every technological secret it held, but the disc aircraft and a wide range of “unconventional” metaphysical science remained serious threats that had to be tracked down and either destroyed or captured

Germany had used crude beam weapons and electrostatic weapons in the air war from late 1944 until collapse in the form of “Foo Fighters” and the energy field defenses of the Jonastal S III complex while it was under construction with 18,000 slave laborers under SS guidance.

Forced to abandon the world’s largest underground war plant and future Führer HQ, the SS Technical Branch sought refuge outside the Reich in two areas thought remote enough to secure bases for continued disc development - Base 211 in Antarctica and in Argentina, South America.But U-boats U-530 and U-977 ran into a rude awakening when they surrendered several months after Germany officially “surrendered”.

Of course, the second Führer, Grossadmiral Karl Dönitz, of the Kriegsmarine knew of the existence of Base 211 and of Argentine co-operation. He was responsible for supplying Base 211 during the war via U-boat and the covert dealings at Tierra del Fuego. Dönitz had devoted 50 or more U-boats to the South Atlantic from 1943 forward - the same year Base 211 was completed. The U-boat commanders of the two renegade subs therefore thought that Argentina would be a safe haven for them after their missions were accomplished unloading secret weapons and Nazi personnel at Base 211.

It came as a shock then when the Argentine authorities detained them until the Americans could inspect the boats in every detail and interrogate the crews separately for months. The officers falsified their statements concerning the true nature of their journeys and everyone stuck to their story of each sub‘s time at sea post May 1945.

In addition, Ronald Richter was invited to participate in the “Huemel Experiment” (Proyecto Huemel) in which Argentina attempted to develop a fusion nuclear weapon. Although thought a hoax in 1951, apparently the Richter design of a “convergent shock wave detonation induced-fusion” nuclear weapon proposed during World War II was just as much a failure in Argentina since the nation had neither the industrial capacity nor materials to make such a weapon work - even with German assistance.

It would seem then that Argentina failed to become a benefactor of German technology.

But “sightings” began in the skies over Argentina and in Argentine waters right after World War II - sightings of strange aerial discs and mystery subs that looked a lot like the last German Type XXVI that were laid down before the war ended. These sightings were pre-Kenneth Arnold and pre-Roswell.

Focke-Wulf Fw Ta 183 Huckebein
[Artwork by Marek Rys]

Claimed actual photo of British detonation of nuclear weapon over Base 211 in the 1950s

Even after the war, strange happenings were going on in Argentina. Several prominent Nazi aeronautical specialists were invited to the nation to pursue continued aircraft development including such famous German designers as Raimar Horten and Kurt Tank of Focke-Wulf. There, Horten worked on a flying wing and several delta aircraft while Tank worked on the Pulqui II jet fighter that resembled to some degree the Fw Ta 183 Huckebein while designing several other aircraft.

Although Base 211 is thought to have operated until the late 1950s, military threats posed by Britain and the US involving troops (Operation Highjump” in 1947 and detonation of atomic bombs in the atmosphere above Base 211 to create EMP (mid 1950s) had forced the SS to move disc development over to Argentina at a location with a high elevation. The Andes were selected.

The “Maquina de la Metanza” (Machine of Killing/Slaughter) as it became nown was first spotted in the late 1950s. It is reported as being much larger than any German disc type every built in the Third Reich and resembles a floating stepped-pyramid fortress.

It was nicknamed “Disco Metanza” after a supposed test of the immense craft’s defense armament in Patagonia where it slaughtered hundreds of cattle in an "Experimento de la Vaca“ (Bovine Experiment).

Apparently the moving fortress turned the earth red with blood and shook it at low level with such intensity that it felt like a small magnitude earthquake. The Argentine villagers were terrified of this giant menace, but this is the only detailed account ever given. Most people in the world by that time had started to believe that all UFOs in the world were not man-made… except for those in the British and US Governments that went through extraordinary measures to discover the whereabouts of this machine. Under guise of hunting for war criminals in South America, what the US really was hunting for was German technology.

One might pose the question then of “why” the Metanza did not intervene in the Falklands war in 1982 and help Argentina conquer the British Task Force sent to recapture the islands. The truth is that this secret form of technology is the world’s most guarded secret. Exposing such Third Reich technology after 37 years would have caused a world panic. Base 211 still causes suspicions although no solid proof has ever emerged concerning a Fourth Reich with an underground city beneath two miles of ice.

But persistent rumors and reports of German contact with non-terrestrial beings, reverse-engineering of the Freiburg Disc in 1936, Vril communication to Aldebaran 64 light years from earth through psychic channeling, and Himmler’s metaphysical development programs in occupied nations is enough to make anyone nervous.

1965 Kenneth Larson Pyramid UFO Design

Confirmation of the Metanza or any disc that shows up in our lifetime with a Hakenkreuz and actually starts a new war would invalidate not only the Allied “official” history of World War II, but all subsequent world history.

Metanza Data:

Type: Reported Haunebu-Vril configuration
Diameter: 240 meters (approx. estimate)
Height: 60 meters (approx. estimate)
Configuration details: Floating pyramid-shape layered armored fortress
Location: Andes Mountains, Argentina


Horten X, Design B
This was one of the designs Raimar Horten contemplated for construction in Argentina

Horten X Volksjäger

Art by Martin Letts

Raimar Horten designed Argentine Delta Fighter


Argentine I.Ae 37

I.Ae 38 Naranjero

In addition to the Horten Nurflügel designs, plans for the He P.1079/B-2 flying wing were smuggled into Argentina as well
[Artwork by Jozef Gatial]

Tank/I.Ae 36 Condor II Airliner